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Hear Every Detail

Powered by our proprietary Audio and bass reproduction technology for a new and immersive experience. Enjoy one of the Highest and deepest bass reproduction in the entire headphone industry. Dynamic 4 level bass control to personalize Aura based on your music genre, preference and application.

Feel Every Beat

Dual Driver system for Rich, detailed and undistorted music. igorous acoustics tuning, enchmarking and optimization to satisfy every audio enthusiast. Leading Bluetooth and Wired technology for excellent audio quality and seamless connectivity.

Theatre like experienc now in your headphone

Indulge and Immerse yourself completely into the realm of music in a theatre‑like surround sound experience now in your headphone. Aura’s unique Hybrid dual driver architecture, comprises a full range dynamic driver for a Rich, crisp and detailed audio backed by our innovative Sub-woofer driver to produce deep, immersive and undistorted bass.

Ohh Yeah you heard…. Sorry read that right. Sub-Woofer…!!!

Together it brings the best of both worlds to reproduce the lowest of the bass and the highest of the melodies to deliver you the best audio experience. This creates a more immersive, theatre‑like surround sound experience within your headphone.

Bass performance guaranteed to blow your mind

With Our Proprietary and patent-pending bass reproduction system, Now you won’t just listen to the music; wait for it... But also actually feel it. And no, we are not exaggerating. Our bass reproduction system uses bone conduction principle to deliver the most powerful, precise and immersive bass reproduction. It’s an experience like never before which will make your jaw drop along with the beat. This also makes Aura, the perfect pair of headphone for bassheads, action movies and gaming.

Above and Beyond.

Holistic and Personalized.

It's not always about the earth shattering bass, sometimes you just need to find your peace; you know just sit back and relax. Don’t sweat it, we got that covered for you. Customize Aura, right at your fingertips to sound Right from neutral audio response to a bass heavy response and way beyond. And the best part is, you don’t need any additional app to do so. Fun right..!! With the 4 mode dynamic Bass control, you can personalize your headphone listening experience based on your preference, mood, application or the genre of music. Why you ask? Because you know who doesn't like options..??

Introducing Multimode experience

Toggle through the 4 modes to find the perfect match for you based on your needs and preference

Hear is the Level 1 in which the frequency response has an ever so slight bass emphasis resulting in warm sound signature. We would use this mode for audio books, podcasts, any videos where it's mainly speech dominant and for classical genres.

Feel is the level 2 on the control interface. This is where the bass driver starts to kick-in and you can to not just hear the bass but start to feel it. This is suitable for wide genre of music and adds depth to the music.

Immerse is the level 3 and is great for Hip-hop, Rap, EDM, Bollywood and other bass heavy genre. If your listening at lower volume you can try this mode for other genres as well.

Xplode is level X and is ideal if you want to go wild and crazy with you music. It’s great for bass heavy music and to pump you up. It’s also perfect for action movies and games for an immersive experience. Feel the explosions, gunshot, vibrations that is otherwise not produced by other headphones.


Digital audio USB interface. For enhanced wired connectivity.

Now say goodbye to your decades old audio jack for good.

I know right, having an extra cable is so annoying. Say no more, its time to bid adieu to your decades old audio jack and put to rest. RIP dear old friend. Amen

Presenting the first in segment, USB Digital Audio Interface.

Stream High resolution audio through USB interface while simultaneously charging the headphone

Even when the headphone runs out of juice just plug it into your laptop, PC or Smartphone to continue listening without compromising on the quality or worry about battery life.

Design, Form and Styling

Aura is redesigned from ground up for excellent acoustics, unique aesthetics and enhanced ergonomics, incorporating modern design elements. It’s bold, unique and stands out from the rest, just like you.

Bigger The Better

The larger drivers and ear cups results in rich, clear and detailed audio reproduction with wider soundstage & instrument separation. And are more comfortable due to greater pressure distribution around your ears for longer duration usage and improves comfort.

Circumaural Ear Cushion

Ear cushions with over-ear design are not just designed for better comfort but it also doubles as a virtual diaphragm to reproduce and deliver bass. The Ear cushions are actually the ones which delivers the immersive Bass experience and they provide a degree of passive noise cancellation.

(Yeah well…. if you don't believe me; you can order one and try it out for yourselves)

Designed, Developed and Engineered in India

With Passion, Pride and Obsession to deliver the best fot the Best


The only headphone you’ll ever need.

Your perfect companion for all audio needs.

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